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The Republican Democracy Party is a charter-based corporation (v46 Amended) established on March 4th, 2005 by Robert A. Ficalora using the Kentucky and Virginia resolves of 1798. The English republican thinking of men like Thomas Jefferson and his friend the incomparable John Taylor of Caroline figure prominently in the principles of government presented. They were DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS, a phrase that the RDP has trademarked for use by the party membership and candidates for elected office. This site is currently being remade as a database registry for the RDP membership and caucus resolution process.


Joint Memorials HJM 4022 and SJM 8021 died in committee in the 2004 session! (for Acrobat format (get reader).)


Despite repeated re-introductions, the joint memorials both died in committee. While SJM 8021 was voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee (without recommendation) to the Rules Committee. but HJM 4022 did not advance in the House State Government Committee.

Could states' duties have stopped the attack upon Iraq?

History of this initiative:

January 24th Petition:

Petition delivered to Governor Locke and the legislature on January 24th, 2003.

January 25th, 2003 - The Olympian - coverage of fife and drum march to capitol.

MARCH 5th, 2003 - Bills submitted in the House of Representatives (HJM 4022) and Senate (SJM 8021) !!! Stopped by legislative cut-off the next day forcing the matter to Washington State Supreme court in a desparate attempt to get around the cut-off before the March 20th attack upon Iraq. The court failed to act upon the request for expedited consideration; I saw any appeal of the Commissioner's decision to the court as premature..

Law suit:

Washington State Supreme Court

  1. MARCH 10th, 2003 - Appeal filed (w/affidavit) for exception to cut-off from consideration until the next legislative session (January). Please use Acrobat Navigation Pane.
  2. March 10th - Legislature attorneys deny petition
  3. March 14th - Petition for writ of mandamus
  4. March 14th - Affidavit supporting petition.
  5. March 19th - Supreme Court No. 73731-2 assigned w/calendaring
  6. April 10th - Attorney General's office answers petition
  7. April 10th - Attorney General's office moves to dismiss or transfer
  8. April 14th - Motion filed to add Bush, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Myers, Trandahl and Reynolds as defendants and to issue writs of mandamus to compel them to obey the Constitution of the United States (official stamped version, added April 17th.
  9. April 22nd - Ficalora replies to AG's answer to petition.
  10. April 22nd - Ficalora answers AG's motion to dismiss or transfer.
  11. April 21st - Attorney General answers motion for show-cause order
  12. April 23rd - Ficalora's "Reply and Notice" to AG's answer to motion for show-cause order (petitions and motions fully submitted)
  13. April 29th - Case dismissed! And the statutory time for appeal has lapsed. The issue, however, has been raised and should be pursued. Mandamus powers over federal officers is a critical component of government according to our system of English law. The powers of the prerogative writs not having been granted to the federal judiciary (Marbury v. Madison), it most definitely is reserved to the states.

Case dismissed:

First District Court of Appeals (Boston)

February 13th, 2003 - Military families and Congressmen file lawsuit challenging Bush's claim of war powers..

February 24th, 2003 - U. S. Distinct Court Judge Joseph Tauro dismisses the Conyers case for being "beyond the jurisdiction of the court."

Case dismissed! Court affirms lower court, refuses to take jurisdiction and doesn't touch the merits! For review of proceedings see: Military Families Speak Out

September 4th, 2005 - Justice William Rehnquist dies, reflections by Bob Ficalora: James Madison (commonly known as the "Father of the Constitution") established that it is the responsibility of the states, as sovereigns, to review their general government to oppose unconstitutional acts or claims of powers by it.

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